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painting, copperprint,writing songs,improvising and more

-----May Peace Prevail On Earth-----

アーティスト Infinite Light のページへようこそ! 私は、世界中の人と生きとし生けるもの全てが、それぞれの立場や信条、民族、宗教、地域や国などのすべての違いを超えて平和に、皆で幸せに進化と創造をして行ける世界を目指して、その為に自分のできることで何か活動させて頂けたらと思っているアーティストです。





                                                                                                infinite gratitude....


Welcome to the artist "Infinite Light" webpage!

I'm an artist with a humble but also strong will to make myself useful for the true peace and harmony of this world. I really wish and dream that all humans and living things will make great progress, create happiness and peace together beyond any situation,creed,region, ethnicity,religion or country.

I'm mostly painting and creating my original music by improvisational manner, focusing on my intuition. And day by day praying sincerely for the peace of the world, showing my love and gratitude to everything exist in nature and to our beautiful planet Earth.

I'm so grateful and happy if you like my works and resonate with your inner beauty and divine spark, which I believe every one has inside, with mine.

Please follow me on youtube where I will keep uploading my musical works.

                                                                                        with infinite love and infinite gratitude.







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